PHIL BATES & Band – the music of ELO – afgelast

PHIL BATES & Band – the music of ELO – afgelast

update 07 04 – Dit concert is afgelast, er komt geen vervangende datum  . Mail je e-tickets naar o.v.v. ibannummer.

PHIL BATES & Band (ex Electric Light Orchestra PART II / The Orchestra )
ELO will always be famous for the brilliance of its great songs, penned by musical genius Jeff Lynne.
The band is still celebrated as one of the most influential rock bands in the his­tory of music.
As the ex singer and guitarist with ELO Part 2 and its successor, THE ORCHESTRA, Phil Bates has presented the
fascinating music of the Electric Light Orchestra for over 25 years.
In 2011 Phil founded his own band, bringing together the virtuosity with the drive of an outstanding live band
and adding his own flawless instrumental and vocal performance to infuse the music of ELO with a new, fresh sound.

The result? To date over 350 successful concerts all over the world, enthusiastic audi­ences and standing ovations
everywhere, and enormous acclaim.


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